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Summer Programs: Field Work and Community Fellows

Summer Field Work Credit

It is often possible to receive academic credit for a summer internship when it is coordinated with academic work. The requirements are the same as during the academic year. You can start by making an appointment to see the director of field work by contacting the office at 845-437-5280.

You must obtain a Request for Summer Work form from the Community-Engaged Learning Office or the Registrar. This is the summer version of an Add form, and it requires signatures from your academic advisor and faculty supervisor of field work. This form is due by the end of May.

You will also need an Internship Proposal form, which you can get when you meet with the director. Fill out as much as you can before you leave campus for the summer, including the sections for the student and faculty supervisor. Bring it to the Community-Engaged Learning Office so we can make a copy before you go. There is a section on this form for your agency supervisor to fill out and sign, so you will need also to bring it to your placement. When they have filled out their piece of the form (and the form is complete), fax it to us at 845-437-7563, or email it to Lisa R. Kaul at likaul@vassar.edu. We do not recommend sending the completed form through the mail. The completed form should be faxed or emailed by the end of June. If your internship does not start until later, please let Lisa Kaul know when she should expect the form.

Community Fellows

The Vassar College Community Fellows Program is a partnership between the college and a small number of local non-profit agencies that serve the Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County community. Students are paid by the college to work full time for the 10-week program under the supervision of agency mentors. It is one of the college’s longest running and best-known community partnership programs. The program has provided a unique educational opportunity for many of our best and most dedicated students while serving the needs of our collective community.

Interns join up with local agencies that handle everything from youth opportunities to domestic violence to food justice. Because of the full-time commitment, interns are often given greater responsibilities than they would in an internship during the academic year. They also have a greater opportunity to get to know their colleagues and the clients they work with.

Although the focus of the program is full-time work at an agency, the entire group gets together at times throughout the summer for lunches and other opportunities to share their experiences with one another. These discussions can help students to examine ways in which their work relates to what they have been studying and to the work of others in the program.

The following is a partial list of agencies that have participated in Community Fellows in the past.

Applications for Community Fellows for Summer 2018 are available now. Please visit our blog for details of the application process. Applications are due on March 18, 2018.

This paid position is not eligible for academic credit.