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Community Fellows Program

The Community Fellows program is a unique partnership between Vassar College and local non-profit and governmental agencies in Dutchess County. Community partners are invited to submit project proposals that address pressing social issues relevant to their organization. Students are fully funded to work on these projects, full-time, for nine weeks over the summer. This highly competitive program presents an exciting educational opportunity for students and is funded by the college.

The Community Fellows Program upholds the college’s mission by engaging students and community partners in the following ways:

  1. Providing students with an opportunity to experience meaningful work in non-profit and governmental sectors
  2. Supporting capacity building with community partners by responding to community needs
  3. Investing in the future of our community through public scholarship and civic engagement
  4. Enhancing the relevance of a liberal arts education to a purposeful life

Student applications for 2020 will open on March 6, 2020. For questions, please contact Dr. Lisa Kaul at